Let’s Go to the Beach…

…and look for some driftwood, my friend said around lunchtime. Off we went, heading down shore toward Fox River.

“If we turn where the old school building is and access the beach there, we will find great pieces of wood…”. I am game, it’s only a short drive! And we were not disappointed!

We made some wonderful discoveries and returned with unexpected treasures. Best of all, the beach was ours to explore and the views of Cape Split never disappoint!

We had some rain, a little wind, sunshine and amazing clouds overhead! What a treat!

Happy Monday, everyone! Anna

2 thoughts on “Let’s Go to the Beach…

    1. Thanks, Carol. It always makes me very happy when my blog followers live the images I share. Today was a nice change of pace. I had not been to this stretch of the beach in well over a year!


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