Exploring the Bigger Picture

It’s no secrets how passionate I am about “the beach.” But what exactly is it that I find so fascinating? For me it’s all about I what find after taking in the view.

Last Sunday in West Advocate I discovered tide pools. I had not found any like this since I started roaming various beaches along the Fundy shore. Granted, they are vastly different from those tide pools I have explored along the coastline of British Columbia but, none the less, I had some fun jumping from rock to slippery rock trying to see what I could find.

My personal favourite is a sandy ripple beach. It’s still shiny from the receding tide but firm enough to walk on without sinking ankle-deep into red Fundy Bay mud.

This is the type of beach where I look for Sand dollars and still life compositions presented by Mother Nature. I could walk these sandbanks for hours!

The ripple formations themselves are mesmerizing.

Wishing you all a sunny Friday the 13th. May it be a great start to your weekend, Anna

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