Did you know?

June 8th is World Clean Oceans Day? We did our bit at West Advocate (Driftwood Beach). We joined a group of like-minded people to cast our eyes to the pebble beach and gather trash.

It’s always enlightening what one finds! Here is Colin and my tally sheet… this is from two set of eyes along a stretch of only about 1 km of beach:

We barely made a dent in the two hours of gathering. The rest of the group did well! A lobster trap adds about 50 lbs to the tally! Countless pieces of plastic makes us all realize that we should not be surprised by scientific data making us aware of micro-plastics found in fish, shell fish and sea salt.

So happy to know that we left this short stretch of beach a little cleaner… until the next high tide brings in new debris. 😜

Food for thought… best wishes! Anna

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