A Windy but Productive Day

We woke up to -2 C this morning… and a stiff wind was blowing. But nothing deters us when we have committed to a beach clean up. Our friend Heather had organized this event and as good friends we didn’t want to leave her hanging. We braved the cold (at least -10 C with the windchill) for about two hours and hauled about 150 lbs of trash off the beach near Fox River.

The day will conclude with a lobster dinner shortly. Friends staying in an AirBnB nearby needed a pot and some cooking instructions. We decided to make an impromptu party of it!

The butter is perfectly melted:

The pot is steaming:

And the main course is waiting to be steamed:

Hope this didn’t make you feel too squeamish. For us it is the perfect ending to a busy week. Happy Friday. Best wishes, Anna

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