Best Birthday Ever!

What does a cargo space in our SUV stuffed with beach trash have to do with the best birthday ever? It signifies the sense of community along the Parrsboro shore where friends come together and pitch in to reduce trash along the Bay of Fundy..

Together, in 2.5 hours, we pulled 175.5 lbs of trash from the Cochrane Road Beach in Port Greville. We found a body board (very helpful in pulling several bags of trash at the same time back to base), 2 lobster traps, lobster bands and tags (mostly from Maine), a bent-metal chair, rusted out hibachi, copious yards of synthetic rope, twisted metal, buckets, a metal trash can, bits and pieces of plastic, styrofoam, bouyes, bottles and aluminum beverage containers.

No beach clean up is complete without a bit of celebration. A wiener roast with hot chocolate, giant crispy cookies and marshmallows followed the work portion of the beach outing.

Thank you to everyone who took up my invitation to join in. We could not have done it without you! with sincere gratitude, Anna

3 thoughts on “Best Birthday Ever!

  1. I don’t think us inlanders/flatlanders have any concept of the amount of trash that washes up on the coastal beaches. It’s so good to know there are many volunteers who do their best to keep our beaches clean & free of trash. Thanks to your entire group. I’m glad you had a great day

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