Diligent River Low Tide Exploration in Sunshine

Diligent River is a great place to explore in any weather and season. Today I arrived precisely at low tide with glorious sunshine overhead and I was able to take advantage of the full expanse of the beach. Even the Ramshead River was so low that if I had worn rubber boots I could have crossed it!

I want to draw particular attention to the cliffs with this post. The season is changing and in spring the cliffs are truly unpredictable. The advice to stay at least one schoolbus length away is not to be ignored. As I was walking a safe distance away from these soft earth cliffs I detected constant movement: rocks and earth were falling, slipping and sliding. I was walking silently, not listening to music, not talking to anyone. My foot steps were not heavy yet they reverberated enough to dislodge small mudslides sending them toward the beach. Please remember: if you are exploring the beaches alone or with friends keep a safe distance from the cliffs! The Cliffs of Fundy are always changing, actively eroding and posing serious danger.

The most memorable moment from my beach excursion was when I walked to the edge of the water and came the closest ever to Cape Split!

I made my way up a steep gravel bank to get that close to the water’s edge and discovered a part of the beach that was wide like a double lane highway, proving an easy path back to my starting point. The last stretch was littered with rope. I had not brought a bag but picked up what I could hold on to. There are now 9 lbs of trash less littering the Upper Bay of Fundy shoreline, every little bit helps.

Hope your week is starting out with a little sunshine and you can make time for a walk. Best wishes, Anna

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