Hike Before the Storm…

A year ago this weekend I had to forego a planned hike as I had just been released from the hospital following an emergency appendectomy. I was pretty disappointed that I had to miss out on exploring one beach I had not scouted yet. Imagine how excited I was when an invitation for the sameContinue reading “Hike Before the Storm…”

First Time Visitors to Soley Cove

Spring arrived accompanied by strong winds today. It was the only day that worked to fit a Soley Cove excursion into the schedule. The ancient landscape never disappoints! The light was variable and yielded some unusual and unexpected images. Once again, Soley Cove spread its magic and my tour participants were truly impressed by theContinue reading “First Time Visitors to Soley Cove”

More Sights to Explore at Low Tide

I have not posted about the Parrsboro Golf Club before. It’s high time to point out that this nine hole course is considered challenging and one of the most scenic courses in Canada. It is located on Two Islands Road approximately 3 km from the centre of town. I shall be back for more imagesContinue reading “More Sights to Explore at Low Tide”

Diligent River Low Tide Exploration in Sunshine

Diligent River is a great place to explore in any weather and season. Today I arrived precisely at low tide with glorious sunshine overhead and I was able to take advantage of the full expanse of the beach. Even the Ramshead River was so low that if I had worn rubber boots I could haveContinue reading “Diligent River Low Tide Exploration in Sunshine”

Taking the long way to Clarke Head

I found out recently that a hiking friend of mine had never explored the shore from First Beach through Second Beach to the Glooscap Campground. We agreed to venture out together and just a couple of days ago I suggested we walk all the way to Clarke Head. I knew he would jump at theContinue reading “Taking the long way to Clarke Head”

Which Hike Today?

After 19 months of sharing walk and hiking destinations in the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark area on this site, I took some time over the past week and revisited each post… there are close to 600 already. I am very excited to share with you the release of a new page on this website. DrumrollContinue reading “Which Hike Today?”

Special Date and Event

What are YOU doing on December 21st, otherwise known as Winter Solstice? I am planning a special sunset hike to Clarke Head at low tide. Here is the preliminary information: This information is also found on the tour info page on this website. Contact me for additional details of to register <annahergert@me.com> Looking forward toContinue reading “Special Date and Event”

Soley Cove Sea Stack Revisited

The weather yesterday afternoon was perfect for a little excursion. Soley Cove is a favourite destination. It was time to check up on the sea stack after Hurricane Fiona. Fiona definitely left her mark, the Soley Cove sea stack has “lost a little more weight” but the scenery always leaves me in awe… Best wishesContinue reading “Soley Cove Sea Stack Revisited”

West Advocate Driftwood Beach

The beach was calling… come along and check out the discoveries…