Sunday Hike Adventure

The plan was to hike along the beach from Red Rocks to Refugee Cove, depending on the cooperation of the tide. Well, let’s just say “The Mistress of the Bay”, as my friend calls the Bay of Fundy tide, was not in the mood for a waltz or Foxtrott today. We made good time to the first pinch point where we patiently waited but never got a chance to pass. Making safety our priority we reassessed our hiking plan and decided to proceed to Plan B.

We backtracked to the stair case leading to McCahey Brook and made our way up steep snow covered slopes to the first look off.

We longingly looked toward our initial destination but realized that the decision we made was the only logical safe decision.

Our snowshoes got a great workout through the forest. The snow is disappearing quickly and we witnessed plenty of signs that spring is just around the corner!

We took our time, stopped for short breaks, met Laurie Currie from Local Guys Adventure for a great chat and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine during our 15 km excursion. A day well spent exploring the Upper Bay of Fundy and parts of Chignecto Provincial Park!

Wishing you all a fantastic Sunday filled with sunshine, good friends and doing what you love! Fill the well… Monday is just around the corner! Best wishes, Anna

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