Tour Day: Parrsboro to Advocate and Back

The sun returned today and set the stage for a fabulous day to explore the area with visitors. Our first stop was in West Advocate where we strolled along Driftwood Beach and admired Red Rocks at the Cape Chignecto Park entrance from afar.

Thank goodness for four-wheel drive. The approach to Cape d’Or, our next stop, was soft and in places covered with snow high enough that we took the top off the drifts with the undercarriage of our vehicle. But perseverance paid off: views were breath-taking and walking down to the lighthouse was definitely worth the time and effort.

Spencer’s Island beckoned and the vast beach really drove home how much water laps against the shore at high tide. We read up on the history of the doomed vessel “Mary Celeste” built right here during the age of sail.

Last but not least we explored a small area of Phinney Green Beach before we made our way back to the Pleasant Street Inn in Parrsboro. On the way we checked out Cochrane Beach, great for walking even at high tide. We also stopped in Diligent River at the end of Ramshead Road to get the best view of Cape Split.

We packed quite a few sights into the five hour tour. Hope you enjoy this short recap and select images. Happy Friday, Anna

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