More Sights to Explore at Low Tide

I have not posted about the Parrsboro Golf Club before. It’s high time to point out that this nine hole course is considered challenging and one of the most scenic courses in Canada. It is located on Two Islands Road approximately 3 km from the centre of town. I shall be back for more images and sunshine soon!

Our destination was Glooscap Campground Beach. The tide was nearing its lowest point which afforded us to walk on the sandy ocean floor. It always gives me such pleasure to witness the awe in first time ocean floor explorers. We ventured just past the keyhole to catch a glimpse of the Old Man sea stack. The predicted light rain started to fall and the decision to turn around was an easy one to make.

It was a great outing for participants who had not ventured far in the past. Can’t wait to take everyone back soon. Wishing everyone a relaxing weekend, Anna

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