Weathered Wood Study

I love roaming the beaches, especially when I come across old warf remnants weathered by wind, sun and the relentless tides. These amazing natural sculptures are found at the mouth of the Bass River. Imagine the stories these posts could tell! Happy Thursday, Anna

McGahey Brook, Cape Chignecto

Hello from the trail, I am sharing a few landmark sights from Cape Chignecto Provincial Park over the next few days. As you view this post I will have passed by this brook and falls on our first leg of a four day back country hike. By the time this post goes live my friendsContinue reading “McGahey Brook, Cape Chignecto”

Last Day of Touring with my Guest from Montreal…

Soley’s Cove was the destination of choice. No, it’s not first on the list for rock picking but my client had seen a recent blog post about a Soley Cove excursion and put in a special request. The weather and tides were in our favour and the opportunities to explore were unlimited! Everyone delighted inContinue reading “Last Day of Touring with my Guest from Montreal…”

Spring “Breezes” won’t hold us back!!

It was a little breezy today… check out the second image above. In fact it was so windy that no matter how we leaned into the wind we remained upright! 😊 Our destination this afternoon was the back beach of Partridge Island. But my suspicion came true: the low tide level was just not lowContinue reading “Spring “Breezes” won’t hold us back!!”

More Sights to Explore at Low Tide

I have not posted about the Parrsboro Golf Club before. It’s high time to point out that this nine hole course is considered challenging and one of the most scenic courses in Canada. It is located on Two Islands Road approximately 3 km from the centre of town. I shall be back for more imagesContinue reading “More Sights to Explore at Low Tide”

Tour Day: Parrsboro to Advocate and Back

The sun returned today and set the stage for a fabulous day to explore the area with visitors. Our first stop was in West Advocate where we strolled along Driftwood Beach and admired Red Rocks at the Cape Chignecto Park entrance from afar. Thank goodness for four-wheel drive. The approach to Cape d’Or, our nextContinue reading “Tour Day: Parrsboro to Advocate and Back”

Diligent River Beach in the Mist

Diligent River Beach makes for a fantastic low tide destination in any weather. After exploring it in sunshine just two days ago I returned with two hiking friends this afternoon. The rain held off till we were almost back at the car. From the warf to the Ramshead River the return distance is roughly 5Continue reading “Diligent River Beach in the Mist”

A taste of my favourite destinations along the Parrsboro Shore

… more? Here you go: I am presently preparing for the 2023 tour season. As I am sorting through images of hike destinations I feel a certain sense of excitement I can’t help but share! Bookings are already coming in. Reserve your tours early to avoid disappointment. Looking forward to hearing from you, Anna

Snowshoe Excursion to the Parrsboro Dam

We woke up to a nice amount of snow that accumulated over night. My Garden Buddha was wearing a tall hat this morning, an excellent indication that it was time for the long-awaited snowshoe to the old dam! The distance from where we parked is not far. We broke the trail but it isn’t anContinue reading “Snowshoe Excursion to the Parrsboro Dam”