Blue Sac Road Beach Excursion

About 20 km from Parrsboro toward Five Islands the turnoff onto Blu Sac Road cannot be overlooked. It leads to a fantastic beach offering a panoramic view of the Five Islands, one of the best kept secrets around!

I took my Wednesday afternoon hiking group to this beach today. The weather was perfect, the tide still on its way out exposing sandstone bars all along the easily accessible beach.

Interested in explotting this part of the Minas Basin? As always, be aware of the tides! On Blu Sac Road drive to the end of the pavement and park your vehicle. The walk down the steep hill is a rutted (soft when wet) road. Once you arrive at the bottom walk past the last cottage and make your way onto the beach. We turned to the right in the direction of Two Islands. If timed correctly you can walk all the way to the mouth of Moose River, allow at least 2.5 hours in that direction.

Hope you enjoyed our afternoon outing in images. Happy Wednesday, Anna

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