Video Flashback: Refugee Cove

May 18th, 2022 – my first ever hike to Refugee Cove! It was a glorious day, one year ago… I will blame this hike on planting the idea of exploring the Cape Chignecto Coastal Trail. It only took a year to realize my dream and meet my personal goal.

Definitely NO Walk in the Park…

Getting home was equally exciting… Ash had her puppies early this morning! She is an awesome mom! A proper hike report (in instalments) is forthcoming. I am sorting and editing images and preparing a detailed report. Thank you for your interest in achieving this very personal goal of mine! I made it, shoulders are aContinue reading “Definitely NO Walk in the Park…”

Still Hiking: Refugee Cove Review

Assuming our hike continues on schedule we are overnighting close to this scenic setting, the sea-stack referred to as Ol’ Sal. This is our last night on the trail. The last leg of the hike starts tomorrow morning and takes us up 500 meters, the second highest cliff along this coastal stretch. A good night’sContinue reading “Still Hiking: Refugee Cove Review”

Coastal Views From Cape Chignecto Provincial Park

Assuming all went well my friends and I have set up camp somewhere near Little Bald or Big Bald by now, fixing our second dinner and looking forward to a restful night without chilly toes😊. The images I share tonight are all from Cape Chignecto captured during our April day-hike to Refugee Cove. Happy weekendContinue reading “Coastal Views From Cape Chignecto Provincial Park”

McGahey Brook, Cape Chignecto

Hello from the trail, I am sharing a few landmark sights from Cape Chignecto Provincial Park over the next few days. As you view this post I will have passed by this brook and falls on our first leg of a four day back country hike. By the time this post goes live my friendsContinue reading “McGahey Brook, Cape Chignecto”

Last Day of Touring with my Guest from Montreal…

Soley’s Cove was the destination of choice. No, it’s not first on the list for rock picking but my client had seen a recent blog post about a Soley Cove excursion and put in a special request. The weather and tides were in our favour and the opportunities to explore were unlimited! Everyone delighted inContinue reading “Last Day of Touring with my Guest from Montreal…”

Thomas Cove Headlands Loop

Let’s continue where we left off yesterday. I reported on the Thomas Cove GeoSite in my previous post. Today i will provide some o sights on the Thomas Cove Headlands Trail Loop. The site map claims this loop to be 4 km in length. Our small group set a moderate pace and spent over twoContinue reading “Thomas Cove Headlands Loop”

Blue Sac Road Beach Excursion

About 20 km from Parrsboro toward Five Islands the turnoff onto Blu Sac Road cannot be overlooked. It leads to a fantastic beach offering a panoramic view of the Five Islands, one of the best kept secrets around! I took my Wednesday afternoon hiking group to this beach today. The weather was perfect, the tideContinue reading “Blue Sac Road Beach Excursion”