Spring “Breezes” won’t hold us back!!

It was a little breezy today… check out the second image above. In fact it was so windy that no matter how we leaned into the wind we remained upright! 😊

Our destination this afternoon was the back beach of Partridge Island. But my suspicion came true: the low tide level was just not low enough to easily walk around the seaweed covered basalt boulders. We carefully explored an alternative access but soon abandoned the idea. The tide was rolling in, and we had no safe escape route. We headed back toward the fishing weir. On the way we made some interesting discoveries:

We found a fair amount of Stilbite, the provincial mineral. Despite the strong wind we persevered. This stretch of beach turned out to be a real treasure trove!

We headed back to the car and decided to check out the far side of Partridge Island in search of amethyst. I had found a small geode there last year.

The treasures on this side weren’t as exciting. I picked up some agate and some isolated crystals from between the chunky rocks. The wind played us a constant tune… and, once the tide rose to the point where we could no longer ignore it, we ventured home.

Satisfied with today’s finds we soon began to sort through our treasures! We were glad we persevered!

Happy Wednesday, reader! Cheers, Anna

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