Soley Cove: Even More Amazing…

…without the stiff breeze and rolling waves from two days ago! Just look at the perfect reflections as the tide slowly receded.

We headed out thinking we were two lonely beach explorers… until a large group of hikers (I counted 20 individuals) appeared from nowhere noisily shouting, their voices echoing from the aolian sandstone cliffs. It does take away from the awe inspiring experience for the more introspective explorer.

My friend and I managed to separate from the crowd near Redhead Formation. Our hike back to our starting point was pleasant and quiet.

The tide was out further than I have ever experienced it on this beach. At one point we ventured out on an exposed sandbar and felt far removed from the cliffs.

The landscape, the elements, our appreciation for the incredible beauty, this unique stretch of the Minas Basin has to offer shall not be underestimated! Thank you so much for following along as I explore the ocean floor when the world’s highest tides recede. Enjoy your weekend, Anna

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