Soley Cove: Even More Amazing…

…without the stiff breeze and rolling waves from two days ago! Just look at the perfect reflections as the tide slowly receded. We headed out thinking we were two lonely beach explorers… until a large group of hikers (I counted 20 individuals) appeared from nowhere noisily shouting, their voices echoing from the aolian sandstone cliffs.Continue reading “Soley Cove: Even More Amazing…”

First Time Visitors to Soley Cove

Spring arrived accompanied by strong winds today. It was the only day that worked to fit a Soley Cove excursion into the schedule. The ancient landscape never disappoints! The light was variable and yielded some unusual and unexpected images. Once again, Soley Cove spread its magic and my tour participants were truly impressed by theContinue reading “First Time Visitors to Soley Cove”

Photographer’s Dream Tour: Soley Cove

A low tide hike from Soley Cove to Redhead is memorable and worthwhile in any season. Yesterday was perfect! After the previous night’s dusting of snow we were rewarded with azure sky dotted with puffy clouds… and a stiff breeze! Nothing windproof clothing can’t deal with effectively. The afternoon light on a winter day bringsContinue reading “Photographer’s Dream Tour: Soley Cove”

Soley Cove Vistas and Impressions

Soley Cove in my books has a special notation. I call it “The Magic Beach”! Today’s photo essay might just bring some magic to your day. Enjoy, Anna

Return to Soley’s Cove Beach…: Ultimate Destination – Redhead Formation

My heart always beats a little faster when we drive past this beach in Economy. I visited and hiked this beach three times last year. When an invitation to join the List Soles hiking group on this excursion was extended I could not resist. Words cannot describe this amazing day!! Pictures really do speak aContinue reading “Return to Soley’s Cove Beach…: Ultimate Destination – Redhead Formation”