Another Backroad Exploration: Little Dyke Road the Glenholme Marsh Road

The sun was out today which made our drive to Truro very pleasant. Once again we decided to find out where some of the less travelled side roads might lead and we were not disappointed. The most pleasant surprise awaited when we turned onto Little Dyke Road. After a short distance through wooded terrain weContinue reading “Another Backroad Exploration: Little Dyke Road the Glenholme Marsh Road”

Tide Rollers & Mudlarkers: Excitement is Building!!

I have been spending a bit too much time in the office lately. Getting ready for tourist season is exciting but looking at so many hike destination images I yearn for some much needed outdoor time. And yet it’s important that all necessary steps are taken to ensure safety measures are in place, insurance policyContinue reading “Tide Rollers & Mudlarkers: Excitement is Building!!”

Living Tree Christmas Concert in Port Grenville

After a two year hiatus the much loved Living Christmas Tree Choir concert returned. We took in the Sunday night performance. There were few empty seats, masked and smiling faces and such joy among the performers and audience. Port Grenville is a twenty minute drive down shore from Parrsboro. We don’t usually venture out atContinue reading “Living Tree Christmas Concert in Port Grenville”

On the way to Cape Enrage, New Brunswick

I love surprises! On our way home from Grand Manan Island last week we travelled along the Fundy Coastline from Alma Beach to Moncton. We last visited Cape Enrage in 2008. And things have changed… The beach prior to heading up to the lighthouse called to us to stop and explore. It was definitely worthContinue reading “On the way to Cape Enrage, New Brunswick”

July Outing to Clarke Head

It has been a glorious morning already. I just returned from a quick hike to Clarke Head, my favourite place close to Parrsboro. After all the rain yesterday todays sunshine provides a welcome change. It is summer after all! Not a cloud in the sky, waves crashing at the shore and not a soul inContinue reading “July Outing to Clarke Head”

Evening Walk as the Fog Rolls in…

There is something contemplative about walking in the mist. Last night it became apparent that the weather was about to change. With the change of the tide mist began to rise off the Bay of Fundy waters in the Minas Basin. Cape Blomidon was quickly shrouded in fog, Cape Split was already invisible as wasContinue reading “Evening Walk as the Fog Rolls in…”


I don’t have to venture far when it comes to beautiful sights that inspire: our backyard provides amazing subject matter for my daily post. After a long day on the road Monday, I didn’t feel like heading to the beach. My heart still got a workout navigating over and through snow drifts as I madeContinue reading “Ever-changing!”

Phinney Green

The last beach excursion of 2021 was full of contemplation and discovery. Join me as I recount the experience…

Five Islands Lighthouse Park

We have countless beaches, some are easy to walk, others not so much… Five Islands Lighthouse Park is one of the beaches that is suitable for all levels of fitness!

A Perfect Spot…

Photography is not possible without a source of light… the light this time of the year in the Bay of Fundy is extra special.