Blog Post #730

Yes, 730 is not a fictitious number I pulled from the air or my imagination. Today’s entry truly constitutes my 730th blog post, two complete years of posting every day! It all started out with a more contemplative theme. I would choose one or two images, add some personal thoughts, a haiku or I wouldContinue reading “Blog Post #730”

Looking for Drama in Your Landscape Photographs?

The Upper Bay of Fundy Shore line must top your bucket list! The varied coast line within the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark is one of the most diverse areas to explore. Each beach offers walkable terrain and captivating subject matter. The images here are of the Clarke Head guided tour on offer through Tide RollersContinue reading “Looking for Drama in Your Landscape Photographs?”

Fox Point Beach to Diligent River

Besides my first aid kit and plenty of water I like to leave a bit of room in my backpack for my sense of adventure. Today’s beach excursion was timed carefully to see how long we would have to get past the large seaweed covered rocks on the east side of FoxPoint Beach, explore theContinue reading “Fox Point Beach to Diligent River”

Weathered Wood Study

I love roaming the beaches, especially when I come across old warf remnants weathered by wind, sun and the relentless tides. These amazing natural sculptures are found at the mouth of the Bass River. Imagine the stories these posts could tell! Happy Thursday, Anna

Forest Bathing at Wards Falls

The forest and waterfall were calling today… Wards Falls is always a great destination. My focus today was on contrasting and comparing the various stages of wildflowers and emergence of foliage. The woodland trail was almost dried up reminding us of how much we need moisture to keep wildfires at bay. This will be theContinue reading “Forest Bathing at Wards Falls”

Beach Impressions

Moody sky, unobstructed view of Five Islands and a vast beach to explore… great ingredients for a photo excursion… Happy Monday, Anna

Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Hike – Instalment 2

After 15 km of ascends and descents through springtime woodlands on Friday and a chilly night below the full moon, we woke up early to frost-kissed leaves. Brian estimated that it got to -3 to -5C. I believe it… the way the cold kept creeping up from my lower back to my shoulders was annoying.Continue reading “Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Hike – Instalment 2”

Recounting the Memories: Cape Chignecto – Day 1

When you wake up one morning in February thinking you should circumnavigate Cape Chignecto you either shake your head and ignore the silly thought or you start conditioning. I first found myself a hiking partner with Cape Chignecto experience and then started training. Each journey starts with a single step and the preparation for meContinue reading “Recounting the Memories: Cape Chignecto – Day 1”

Definitely NO Walk in the Park…

Getting home was equally exciting… Ash had her puppies early this morning! She is an awesome mom! A proper hike report (in instalments) is forthcoming. I am sorting and editing images and preparing a detailed report. Thank you for your interest in achieving this very personal goal of mine! I made it, shoulders are aContinue reading “Definitely NO Walk in the Park…”

Beach Impressions

I decided to share just a few beach impressions from today’s 12.5 km beach hike from Soley’s Cove to Jacob’s Lane Beach in Economy. Happy Saturday, Anna

Parrsboro has so much to offer…

QR codes are back!!! It’s hip to use your QR code reader on your smartphone. Our local promotional board has all services and experiences conveniently grouped together on one giant poster near the Bandstand! Yes, Tide Rollers & Mudlarkers is represented with ocean-floor and woodland hikes. And, drumroll please… we have some additional great news:Continue reading “Parrsboro has so much to offer…”

West Advocate Red Rocks Beach

A sunny Sunday afternoon, high tide with waves gently lapping at the shore this beach is perfect for a leisurely walk. I had not been here since last fall and was surprised by the wooden breakwater no longer protecting a small beach cottage. The ultimate highlight for me are the Red Rocks near the CapeContinue reading “West Advocate Red Rocks Beach”

Sunrise Start…

The alarm rang at 4 am, picking up my friend at 4:45 and the drive to West Advocate seemed even more curvy in the dark. We arrived in good time and only waited a couple minutes before our third hiking friend rolled into the parking lot. We set out for the trailhead knowing full wellContinue reading “Sunrise Start…”

Spring Cheer

It was a bit gray in Parrsboro today but signs of flowers and leaves budding are everywhere. My heart is full tonight! Thank you NSWalks for nominating me as one of the community volunteers contributing to life in Cumberland County. I just returned home from an evening of celebration, meeting other volunteers and shaking handsContinue reading “Spring Cheer”


Walking across Two Islands Bridge today as the water rushed from the Aboiteau into the inner harbour… make sure you turn up your volume! Love the foamed surface and blue sky overhead. Check back tomorrow when I post images of another beach excursion. Heading to Spencer’s Island tomorrow afternoon as the tide goes out. SeeContinue reading “Forceful…”

Soley Cove: Even More Amazing…

…without the stiff breeze and rolling waves from two days ago! Just look at the perfect reflections as the tide slowly receded. We headed out thinking we were two lonely beach explorers… until a large group of hikers (I counted 20 individuals) appeared from nowhere noisily shouting, their voices echoing from the aolian sandstone cliffs.Continue reading “Soley Cove: Even More Amazing…”

Canine Companion Hike in Wentworth Station

I ventured a little further afield today. My friend and hiking buddy is house and pet sitting in Wentworth Station, a 1hr15min drive from Parrsboro. We decided to keep it simple and explore the forest trail to the look-off near her home away from home. It was a great excursion through the woods. Snow wasContinue reading “Canine Companion Hike in Wentworth Station”

First Client of the Season: Mission “Rockhound“

We met via Facebook last year: a prospective visitor the Parrsboro Shore looking for a guide to navigate the highest tides in the world! The official listed businesses she contacted didn’t respond, some FB comments suggested she better not plan on coming if she didn’t understand the tides… I sent a private Message and offeredContinue reading “First Client of the Season: Mission “Rockhound“”