And suddenly it is autumn…

I know, I know… there are still a few days of summer left according to the calendar and yet, the light has definitely changed. Sunsets tend to bathe the forest across the river in rich gold tones and burgundies push greens from creeping vines. The apples are ripening and the days are much shorter. AllContinue reading “And suddenly it is autumn…”

Heat Wave

We are enjoying a hot summer here in the Bay of Fundy. Hot days usually start with a misty morning, the fog horn sounding from the Parrsboro lighthouse and feeling like I need another shower after walking my dogs. As the day progresses the fog lifts and the promise of finding relief from the heatContinue reading “Heat Wave”

Evening Walk as the Fog Rolls in…

There is something contemplative about walking in the mist. Last night it became apparent that the weather was about to change. With the change of the tide mist began to rise off the Bay of Fundy waters in the Minas Basin. Cape Blomidon was quickly shrouded in fog, Cape Split was already invisible as wasContinue reading “Evening Walk as the Fog Rolls in…”

Circumnavigating Two Islands

Today has been momentous: I joined a hiking friend in a walk around the Two Islands and it was amazing. I have always been fascinated by these basalt giants but after actually crossing the knee-high water at low tide toward Big Brother I have a whole new appreciation for these geological formations. The rocky beachContinue reading “Circumnavigating Two Islands”

Sharing the Experience!

As newcomers to the Parrsboro Shore you know that you belong once you have experienced the “Meeting of the Waters” at Two Islands around the full moon. Another new member to the community reached out last week to find out more about hiking and exploring the beaches. I decided to share the ultimate experience withContinue reading “Sharing the Experience!”

Happy Canada Day!

I can hardly believe it: this is our second Canada Day living in Nova Scotia. Time seemed to just fly! The day promises to be filled with great activities. Our choir will be performing at Ottawa House by the Sea. I snapped the picture above during our dress rehearsal last night. There is also aContinue reading “Happy Canada Day!”

Down Shore…

Horseshoe Cove near Cape d’Or at low tide provided tranquility and solitude during our first stop in the morning. I was able to dip my toes into the Bay of Fundy for the first time this year. Walking on the fine sand provides the best pedicure! After three and a half hours looking for “treasures”Continue reading “Down Shore…”

Parrsboro at Sunrise…

Getting up before sunrise happens when an early hike is planned. Today I am showing a visitor to Parrsboro some of our spectacular sights in the Fundy GeoPark. Our first stop is Wasson’s Bluff. The sunrise was spectacular at the bottom of our backyard and when I turned to make my way to the meetingContinue reading “Parrsboro at Sunrise…”

Sunday Afternoon Break in the Sun…

There is no better place to shift gears and get a break from every day responsibilities than the beach! The tide was rolling out and the sun shone brightly providing us with a healthy dose of Vitamin D 😜. I never grow tired of Second Beach in Parrsboro. With each time of day, after eachContinue reading “Sunday Afternoon Break in the Sun…”

Exploring New Territory

When the invitation to join a hike to Seal Cove was posted on my FaceBook hiking group I decided to bow out of writing group and join the adventure instead. The trailhead to Seal Cove is well over an hour from Parrsboro. I headed to Apple River and into unknown territory beyond, a true adventureContinue reading “Exploring New Territory”

Phinney Green on a Saturday Morning

It was an exhale kind of moment when we arrived at one of the best kept secrets along the Bay of Fundy this morning. It always gives me such pleasure to bring new friends to this particular beach with its rich natural history and diverse geological formations. Lori, my friend, was in awe as theContinue reading “Phinney Green on a Saturday Morning”

Another visit to the Sugar Bush…

… before the sap turns sour, and just because it’s difficult to stay away from the intoxicating scent of boiling maple syrup! Our friends were curious about the Fenwick Sugar Bush and since it was a fabulous spring day yesterday we went for an outing to Thompson’s and Ripley’s. It wasn’t busy at all, soContinue reading “Another visit to the Sugar Bush…”

Twelve Days Later Than Planned…

…but I finally made it to my monthly destination, Clarke Head. It was a grey day, with rain in the forecast. A little rain was not going to deter my friend and I when we set out shortly after the tide turned yesterday afternoon. The walk was wonderful and just what I yearned for. ThisContinue reading “Twelve Days Later Than Planned…”

Trip to the Sugar Bush

A year ago we had the pleasure of joining a group of friends on a visit to the sugar bush near Fenwick, between Amherst and Springhill. This year we ventured out on our own. We had this excursion on our calendar for a few weeks hoping to bring along friends but our schedules never seemedContinue reading “Trip to the Sugar Bush”


The rainy day yesterday led to a light dusting of snow overnight. While scrolling through images I was drawn to the one featured today. It was created on a warm November day last year. For me it holds the promise of warmer days, calmer days and days that bring peace, better health for all andContinue reading “Anticipation…”

Rays of Hope

I captured this image about ten weeks ago. It was late 2021, a moody day with constant light changes presented me with this mesmerizing vista. I found myself behind seaweed covered boulders just in time for the sun to push through the clouds to illuminate the waters of the Minas Basin May this day beContinue reading “Rays of Hope”

Magical Fog

Following a night of heavy rain I made my way to Truro yesterday. On the way home fog was rolling off the Bay of Fundy toward the Cobequid Highlands and by the time I arrived back in Parrsboro the fog horn was calling… a quick drive to the pier provided a few serene moments afterContinue reading “Magical Fog”