Gentle Beach Hike at Spencer’s Island

With a chance of rain in the forecast we decided to defy the weather man and head to Spencer’s Island as the tide was on the way out.

This beach is the most colourful beach in the area. The closer we got to the “point” and the island the more colourful the rocks seemed to become! Our pockets were bulging… red and yellow Jasper, Agate, Quarz, it was hard to resist not bending down to get just one more.

Spencer’s Island Beach is a personal favourite. It’s magical in any weather and season. We set out about 2 hours after high tide and had no delays. This beach can be challenging to navigate if you have knee or ankle weakness. Trekking poles are a great way to make the terrain easier to navigate.

Park right at the beach near the lighthouse and walk as far as you choose. The waves will soothe a troubled mind and a gentle breeze will blow away the cobwebs. Bring a backpack… you will need it😆

Happy Wednesday, Anna

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