Gentle Beach Hike at Spencer’s Island

With a chance of rain in the forecast we decided to defy the weather man and head to Spencer’s Island as the tide was on the way out. This beach is the most colourful beach in the area. The closer we got to the “point” and the island the more colourful the rocks seemed toContinue reading “Gentle Beach Hike at Spencer’s Island”

Rock Hound Excursion: Day 2

What’s great about a return client is that she let me know which beaches she wanted to revisit. We started the day off with Horseshoe Cove, a favourite for collectors of Jasper. On the way home we stopped off at Wards Brook Beach. We timed it perfectly with the tide rolling in. Our brisk walkContinue reading “Rock Hound Excursion: Day 2”

First Client of the Season: Mission “Rockhound“

We met via Facebook last year: a prospective visitor the Parrsboro Shore looking for a guide to navigate the highest tides in the world! The official listed businesses she contacted didn’t respond, some FB comments suggested she better not plan on coming if she didn’t understand the tides… I sent a private Message and offeredContinue reading “First Client of the Season: Mission “Rockhound“”

Clarke Head Afternoon Hike

It was a quiet, contemplative excursion to Clarke Head this afternoon. We spent time examining rocks, discovering pyrite, admiring more sparkle on the water, walking among seaweed covered rocks and soaking in the spring breeze. Happy Monday! Best wishes for a productive week, Anna

The Crack

Cliff erosion is constant due to wind, tidal wave action, rain and temperature changes. A year ago this crack was not visible in the giant Jurassic era sandstone formation. When I discovered it I could not help myself but hum Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem,” especially the passage ‘There is a crack in anything… That’s how theContinue reading “The Crack”

Officially Listed…

…as a Nova Scotia Tour Operator with the Doers and Dreamers Guide through Nova Scotia Tourism! Check it out here! Happy Tuesday. May the sun shine as brightly where you live as it shines here today, Anna

A taste of my favourite destinations along the Parrsboro Shore

… more? Here you go: I am presently preparing for the 2023 tour season. As I am sorting through images of hike destinations I feel a certain sense of excitement I can’t help but share! Bookings are already coming in. Reserve your tours early to avoid disappointment. Looking forward to hearing from you, Anna

Morning Photo Excursion at -18 C: Destination Clarke Head

The beach was calling… I decided to chase the tide out early and my camera got a great workout. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I will not bore you with my writing when my pictures are so much more powerful. Our winter has not yielded many ice cakes along the shore thisContinue reading “Morning Photo Excursion at -18 C: Destination Clarke Head”

Which Hike Today?

After 19 months of sharing walk and hiking destinations in the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark area on this site, I took some time over the past week and revisited each post… there are close to 600 already. I am very excited to share with you the release of a new page on this website. DrumrollContinue reading “Which Hike Today?”

Environmental Textures

The day started out windy but with the promise of sunshine. By early afternoon we actually had some large snowflakes flying past the windows but the moisture soon turned to rain. Instead of exploring nature at one of the beaches I perused my vast image library and got “stuck” on these eye catching geological textures.Continue reading “Environmental Textures”

Sharing Beaches…

L -I think I gave another Phinney’s Green Beach fan. Susan had never visited here before and she was smitten… Let me take you sometime! Just say the word! I am always happy to share, Anna

This Rock Hound is Getting Serious!!

It was only a matter of time until I needed to learn more about the rocks and minerals lining the Bay of Fundy shore. The Rocks & Gems publication from the Smithsonian Institute is packed with geological info from the creation of the earth’s crust to rocks, minerals and fossils around the world. It isContinue reading “This Rock Hound is Getting Serious!!”