Thomas Cove Economy Trail Loop at Low Tide

A sunny afternoon called for a nature outing. We chose Thomas Cove and were treated to low tide views and perfect conditions to explore not only the woodlands on top of the cliff but also the ocean floor.

We used the rope to access the sandstone without incident. I had lost my footing last time I tried this and the colour of my clothes was instantly changed to blend in with the sandstone cliffs😜. Yesterday we enjoyed the full width of the sandstone shelf.

Sandstone formations and driftwood through the salt marsh… it never gets old! Throw in some buds bursting as we are our way back to the parking lot and you have the ingredients for a perfect Saturday!

This woodland hike is suitable for most abilities. Don’t let the rope scare you. The slope is not too steep, just don’t attempt it after a day of rain. I am attaching the specs from my hike app below for additional reference.

Hope everyone had a beautiful Sunday, Anna

We took it nice and slow the way a photo tour should be😁

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