First Snowshoe Outing This Winter!

I have made myself available this winter to lead snowshoe or hikes on Wednesday afternoons under the auspices of NSWalks and Cumberland County Rec. The local recreation department has a free lending program for locals and tourists where one can try out snow shoring or cross country skiing without investing their own money in equipment.Continue reading “First Snowshoe Outing This Winter!”

Backyard Red Pine Tree Study

The bottom of our backyard is a favourite place for the pups to romp. This morning, with snow flakes dancing from the sky, I joined them in their favourite spot. It gave me time to take a look around. As branches were covered with a layer of snow I became more aware of intersecting linesContinue reading “Backyard Red Pine Tree Study”

Contemplative Walk

The light mid-morning was beautiful as I set out for a short walk through the Winter Wonderland, otherwise known as Parrsboro. I focused on familiar landscape transformed by the Christmas Day snowfall. I hope you enjoyed my Boxing Day walk. It was refreshing to venture out after two days in and out of the kitchenContinue reading “Contemplative Walk”

A White Christmas After All!

The snow began around midnight and this morning the world was transformed. At the bottom of the backyard Canada Geese are gently conversing with the ducks, floating on the river while Ash and Teak chase each other. Wishing everyone a peaceful Christmas Day. May you spend it with family and friends, or celebrate it theContinue reading “A White Christmas After All!”

Storm Day

The predicted storm arrived earlier than expected. The preparations this time around involve a bit more than usual with Christmas just a couple days away. I was able to tear myself away from the kitchen for a little while to make my way to Ottawa House Beach. I am so glad I got outside… TheContinue reading “Storm Day”

Maple Leaves Forever…

I was going through my images today and maple leaves through the seasons caught my eye. Maple leaves hold my attention and whether I admire their glowing colour during autumn or a single specimen past it’s prime and half-buried in snow, maple leaves are always worth taking note of. Wishing you all a wonderful andContinue reading “Maple Leaves Forever…”

Visitor on a Snowy Day

The weather turned over night… and we were greeted by fluffy white stuff, otherwise known as snow, covering the yard. Imagine our delight when we had an unexpected visitor stop by at the bottom of our property during low tide! The bald eagle has never graced us with his presence this close. It certainly putContinue reading “Visitor on a Snowy Day”

Jeffers Falls

A misty Wednesday, grey and threatening rain off and on for most of the day, perfect for spending some time exploring the woods. I recently found out that a sign at the Jeffers Falls trailhead had been installed. Today we had a chance to check it out. While the trail was described as easy withContinue reading “Jeffers Falls”

Crossing the Tantramar Marsh at Sunset

One of the marvellous things when travelling to and from New Brunswick is the marsh landscape. Numerous wind turbines contrast with trees providing strong silhouettes at sunset. Tonight the sky was dappled with mauve clouds while the sun slowly slipped below the horizon providing one more fiery splash. Magical! I just had to share theContinue reading “Crossing the Tantramar Marsh at Sunset”

The Tree

I love trees! I am convinced they have a story to tell in the way the bark peels, curls back, reveals another layer, introduces striations and patterns. Such individuality, such movement – infinite possibilities! Have a fabulous Saturday! Be inspired – look at a tree!! Enjoy, Anna

Near Sunset

The tidal river at the bottom of our backyard was teeming with Canada Geese and ducks just seconds before I made the image above. No matter how carefully I try to approach it takes only one twig to snap under my foot and dozens of water birds take flight! With the large flock loudly honkingContinue reading “Near Sunset”

And just like that there is snow!

Yesterday’s wind was fierce and when we opened our eyes this morning there was snow! The sun is well above 0C now and the white stuff has nearly melted. I love these brief seasonal foreshadowing events. This snow cover won’t last long but it reminds us of what is to come. Happy Saturday! Best wishes,Continue reading “And just like that there is snow!”

Best laid plans…

My friend and I had plans to participate in and support the first ever NSHike event in River Hebert this afternoon. On the way there I checked for the address and saw a posting that it had been cancelled for today. Well, we were already half way there so we continued to Amherst instead whereContinue reading “Best laid plans…”

Busy Spiders…

Those who know me well remember that I don’t carry a particular fondness for spiders… in the house. This year our autumn just continues to surprise us with warm temperatures and the outdoor spiders have been busy! I decided to share a few of the images I gathered over the past month. Enjoy and allContinue reading “Busy Spiders…”

It’s a real treat…

…to live in the area labelled: the wild blueberry capital of Canada. When we moved here we had no idea what these brightly coloured fields lining the roads were all about. Two years and a few days ago we travelled toward our destination ooohing and aaahing about the glowing reds guiding us toward Parrsboro. WeContinue reading “It’s a real treat…”

A Few of my All-time Favourites

I was asked to submit a few “nature images” to the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark yesterday. I scoured my albums and these three stick out as my favourite captures thus far. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. May they set the tone for a fabulous week, Anna