The Portal… A Turning Point

Clarke Head, Bay of Fundy GeoPark, NS

My new home continues to present me with exciting destinations and discoveries, each more awe-inspiring than the last, at least this is how I experience them. A few weeks ago I embarked on a solitary beach walk. It was on my to-do-soon list for some time. The weather was glorious, the tide on the way out and the beach without another soul as far as my eye could see.

Clarke Head was the destination. Along the vast beach, some rocky areas, some passages easier to navigate, I made countless discoveries. I moved between surveying the high cliffs for variations in the geological compositions and the beach for glass and other treasures. The water was calm with fishing boats in the distance.

I walked between gigantic rock formations on my right and the towering cliffs on my left feeling like a tiny ant and yet, at the same time I realized that as a human my actions have tremendous significance. My thoughts kept me propelled forward. The ground suddenly more rocky again… and there is was, my destination. I could clearly make out a natural arch in the distance with an opening so wide a team of horses with carriage could easily pass through. Up close it became clear that actual passage would be impossible with huge boulders barring the entrance at beach level. My senses were heightened and the thought that no man-made structure has evoked this much emotion in me before manifested itself. I stood for some time appreciating the high arch, wondering how long it has evoked such reverence of anyone coming upon it.

I became very still, my thoughts moving into the background while I listened to the world around me. The ocean was gently lapping at the shore nearby, the occasional wave reaching higher and swooping over the kelp covered rocks no more than 20 steps from where I stood. The early springtime sun illuminating this magical place, warming my shoulders. Grateful for my discovery that day I turned, promising myself that despite not being able to pass through the opening it would surely serve as a metaphor for a new path. The idea for a new communication vehicle, this blog, was born…

All I needed was an appropriate name. I began to write down possible names and tag lines and “Fundy Contemplations” repeatedly moved to the foreground. Nearly two months after that first spark of an idea I welcome you, my reader, to my new place of expression. It serves as a continuation of the Miksang blog I kept for the past 4 1/2 years. A cross country move in late 2020, a new home and a significantly changed landscape at my door step I saw the opportunity to elevate my contemplative photography and writing. There will be haiku writing in the future, but this site is geared to serve more as a journal allowing a safe space for my contemplative, creative writing practice. I welcome you to comment anytime. Insights and feedback serve as inspiration and it will confirm interest. Better yet, please sign up to receive a notification each time a post goes live.

Welcome once more, and may creativity guide our path!

2 thoughts on “The Portal… A Turning Point

    1. Thank you so much for your note, Johanna! I indeed planned the launch for the new site to coincide with the first day of a new month. I am energized and ready to embark on this new journey of discovery. Thanks for your support, Anna


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