When feeling under the weather… hike along the beach!

Photo Credit: Susan Bell Bollwerk

The day started a bit slow for me. But instead of sitting on the couch knitting the urge struck to get out, explore a beach and breathe in salty air!

My first destination choice is always Clarke Head. I messaged my friend to see if she would be interested and it was great to hear back right away. I picked Gaby and her companion Enya up and we were soon past the first keyhole rock and nearing the sea stacks. What a great surprise: we ran into the Fundy GeoPark staff who were taking the summer students on a last outing before they all return to their places of study.

And as we arrived at the Clarke Head arch the sky cleared and the sun sent warming rays….

Words cannot describe how this natural wonder affects me. No matter how often I return here, a sense of awe takes hold and calls for a moment of reflection.

The entire beach around Clarke Head arch is magical. Rocks sparkle in the sunshine and the colours of the water add to the magnificence of the area.

Time passes quickly. As we walked back to the car we encountered mist and the sky was changing to grey once more.

Three hours spent in great company hiking on the beach to one of my favourite destinations. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Thanks for tagging along. Hope your day was all you were hoping for, Anna

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