Tuning in…

Horseshoe Cove, Bay of Fundy

“Spirituality is the tuning of the inner person with the great mysteries and secrets that are around us. “ U Thant (UN Secretary General 1961-1971)

This quote came to me as I was making my way across rocky terrain to reach the soft sandy shore bathed in sunlight. And, if the calming nature sounds of the receding tide were not sufficient, the discovery of several live sand dollars brought a a genuine feeling of joy to me. It was the moment where my breath and heart-beat slowed, that precise moment where I felt connected with my environment.

The usual thoughts racing through my mind… stopped. I listened inward and there was a great feeling of peace, a calm that I have seldom experienced in the past. The quiet only disrupted by the gentle waves creating ripples in the sand. The colour surreal… like a Mediterranean beach scene without the sun bathers. I soaked it all in, held on to the visual and emotional impressions, recharging my body and mind!

By creating the image I realized that I was the connecting element bringing the experience and well timed observation together forever. One moment in time, on this sandy beach with its pink sand, perfect for sand dollars to find protection between the tides – my contemplative experience. May it bring you a feeling of joy and an opportunity to begin your day with gentleness.


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