To Be Receptive…

” …the sea is a great teacher of receiving. Always rising and falling like the clear blood of the earth, the formless water receives everything that enters it. It rejects nothing.” from “Seven Thousand Ways to Listen” by Mark Nepo

This quote entered my consciousness as I became fully present at Fox Point Beach several days ago. The purpose to explore the beach was photography but I quickly changed my focus. Yes, I was able to make a few images that are meaningful to me and perhaps to you as well. The brief slide show presents my favourites of that day.

Why did my focus change so suddenly? Perhaps it was the fact that the friend I ventured out with was completely absorbed in his own image search and we soon split apart. I found myself in this particular spot, between huge seaweed covered boulders near the water’s edge that only recently had emerged from the receding tide and open water. The light was quickly changing to embrace the beautiful qualities the “Golden Hour” presents. Such light makes wet rocks and calm water sparkle brightly, it softens harsh lines and bathes everything in a warm glow.

It was as if I had stopped thinking… my breathing slowed and my mind settled on the gifts of the sea. Without much effort or changing my position I observed lush seaweed dripping with moisture, tiny dulse plants promising a rich summer harvest, snails taking shelter in rock crevices and under plants. The bounty of the sea was all around me. The sound of constant waves, their foaming tongues rushing toward the sandy areas interrupted by smooth rocks, called for a pause.

My thoughts receded into the background. I was part of the environment, receiving and releasing the gifts the sea was ready to present and share. I was fully immersed, enveloped by this visceral experience yearning for the lasting for eternity. I would not trade these moments for anything. This is a place for healing, for restoring my senses and physical well-being.

All I had to do was respond to the moment, open myself up to active receiving. The strength presented through engaging with the elemental forces brings peace. My gift to the sea is a calmer self, someone whose senses have been restored.

Perhaps today’s contemplation will bring peace to you as well. Thanks for stopping by.

Warm wishes, Anna

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