Seeking Oneness with the World…

“It is amazing to consider how as infants we are one with everything. In time, of course, we learn how to distinguish between ourselves and others, between the world we carry inside and the world we move through. But ironically, the sages of all paths are those who, after lifetimes of experience, try to return to this primary state of Oneness. “

from “The Book of Awakening” by Mark Nepo

A sunny day, a need to escape every day life and the tide “on my side”, or so I thought… It was my intention to return to Clarke Head. The thought of having to sign into the Glooscap Campground office for just passing through to the beach did not appeal, so I put my foot back on the pedal and, while accelerating my speed, made a split second decision to carry on. Wasson’s Bluff was calling louder!

A catchy tune on the radio I nearly breezed past the small pull-out and parking area for cars. It was the first time there was nobody else taking up space and I was relieved. I was hopeful it would also mean that there were no large black dogs roaming the beach off-leash. No matter how friendly they are labelled by their owners, I like a dog on a leash!

On the rough downhill path leading to the beach I encountered this rusted shovel illuminated by the morning sun. I paused, pulled out my camera to capture this contemplative “sabi moment” and turned to be presented with this vista.

I exhaled and let go of the ordinary world, opening my senses to what might be on offer today. I was not disappointed. Low tide presents like these always make me forget worldly distractions.

Walking the 300 meters to the edge of the water was exhilarating, the wind building in strength as soon as I stepped away from the shelter of the cliffs. I had a quick awakening: as I stood by the water’s edge to compose the next image in my view finder, a task no more than two seconds long, I found myself surrounded by water quickly seeping into my runners.

I had miscalculated my timing but instead of leaving the beach I headed back to the rocky shore line. I was determined to walk in the direction of Clarke Head. There is no way to get across the water but the shore offers wonderful sandy sections, often littered with crystals, referred to as Mermaids Tears by the locals. They glisten magically in the sun.

With one eye on the incoming tide I quickly realized that my original plan and destination called for a quick change. I turned around and made it back to my starting point near the leaning tree. The tide was rolling in fast and I breathed a sigh of relief when I safely leaned against a large boulder. But, I was not ready for the drive home. I surveyed the beach looking east toward Two Islands with Five Islands in the distance. I had not ventured in that direction before, and checking for more recent tide level lines I decided to explore the beach up-shore…

…and I am so happy I followed my intuition. The beach was wide enough for the waves to stay a safe distance away. The colour of the cliffs calling me for up close and personal exploration. I realized that I was present and ready to listen, not just to the sounds of nature all around but also to my sense of adventure. I rarely venture out alone to explore a new destination. This time I did and was richly rewarded. My senses bursting with new impressions and experiences!

Our surroundings are filled with awe inspiring and magical gifts ready to be discovered… on the way back drift wood and a well-positioned example of beach trash vs treasure conjured a smile or two. With a calm heart and mind I traced my steps back up the rocky terrain toward the car and turned the wheels toward home.

Embrace each day with an open mind and heart. It has become my mantra!

Thanks for stopping by and following along with my discoveries, Anna

4 thoughts on “Seeking Oneness with the World…

  1. What a wonderful description of your day. I actually found myself breathing and relaxing just reading and looking at your pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad today’s post touched you so deeply, Brenda. Feedback like yours inspires me to forge ahead and continue. Thank you so much for your comment. You made my day! Anna


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