The definition of “abundance”: (noun) A very large quantity of something.

Spiritual definition: Abundance simply means having more than enough of everything you want all the time. The spiritual meaning of abundance is that your higher self (that what you really are) is intricately connected to the abundant universe which is the Source if everything you may desire.

Nearing sunset I slowly walk from the water’s edge to the driftwood littered area of the beach I am exploring. Grateful for the rich offerings the sea has presented me with I breathe deeply and make my way along the shaded terrain.

A profusion of colour beckons me closer. It fills me with determination to climb over the driftwood pieces to lush green bushes forming a natural wall. Bright pink flowers spread their most intoxicating scent. From emerging and tightly folded leaves at the end of branches I explore green leaves, tightly wrapped buds with only a hint of pink showing to full blooms. My camera adjusts to the low light conditions and I move slowly along the rich subject matter before me. All the while the scent is heavenly!

I have been exposed to wild roses all my life. From Germany to Western Canada, the wild rose is an integral part of the landscape. But never have I experienced these thorny bushes so rich in colour or scent! These wild roses are touted to be native to Nova Scotia but upon a bit more research I found this Saltscape article that explains in more detail how cultivated roses have escaped and evolved over the centuries. The rose encountered at sunset on the beach is classified as Rosa rugosa and is native to eastern Asia, northeastern China, Japan, Korea and southeastern Siberia. It was introduced to America from Japan in the mid-19th century; it was valued because it can tolerate salt water spray.

The fragrant leaves were used to make jelly, jams and desserts in China. Later in the summer the large hips ripen to the size of cherry tomatoes. These can be harvested for preserves or eaten fresh. In years gone by the hips were a vital source of Vitamin C to ward off scurvy.

When I contemplated this post the word “abundance” came to mind. I was struck by the prolific offerings of land and sea, the fact that every time I turn just a few degrees the scenery changes, the colours intensify or pale and tides bring with them new treasures to discover. Layers of rocks and a long natural history of the region provide never-ending opportunities to explore and add to an abundance of new opportunities to explore…

Thanks for stopping by today and your continued interest in some of the same topics I find fascinating. The more I discover the more I come back to the basics… we are surrounded by an abundance of beauty and history.

May your Sunday be filled with small moments to deeply appreciate and celebrate. Warm wishes, Anna

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