Just One More Beach at Golden Hour

It’s hard to believe that it’s St. Nicholas Eve. The day was filled with an abundance of sunshine. My friend and I ventured out to Phinney Green for an invigorating walk along the cliffs toward Brookville. The tide had not yet turned when we reached the car so on the way back to Parrsboro we made our way to Diligent River beach where we were soon bathed in golden light as we explored vastly different rock formations. My friend had never explored this impressive beach before and I was only too happy to introduce her to this unique stretch between Diligent River and the Ram’s Head River.

The light was spectacular with the sun so close to the western horizon. I couldn’t get enough and turned this way and that trying to make the very best of the few minutes of daylight remaining.

And just as we arrived back at the car the sun painted the sky with its most colourful brush!

Good night fair world. Best wishes, Anna

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