When tired…

…head to the beach!

That was certainly the perfect remedy last evening. I had not been to the beach in a couple of days (thanks to side effects after receiving the vaccine). But last night I decided to take a short drive to Second Beach for a brief time out and enjoy some fresh air.

Perfect timing… within five minutes the clouds decided to share some of the moisture they were holding on to. I was still close to the car and decided to wait out the rain.

Almost as quickly as the rain had started it stopped! Blue sky and sunshine from the west…

…rewarded us with the most glorious rainbow! It started right in front of the car in the water!

Turning toward the sun yielded even more excitement!

Moisture was rising in a fine mist across the marsh. Only minutes later the mist had dissolved and it was just as when we arrived.

Moments like this really add wonderful opportunities to appreciate the landscape here even more!

May your day be filled with unexpected discoveries. Make sure to stop and acknowledge them.

Warm wishes for the last day of June 2021, Anna

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