Rainy Day Excursion

Sea Urchin

When we moved to Parrsboro late last fall I made daily beach walks a top priority. Each day I would venture out and walk one kilometer to First Beach from our AirBnB. It was such a treat to get out after two weeks isolation which, in reality, was closer to three weeks as we isolated in our camper as we traveled from south central Saskatchewan to Western Nova Scotia. Stepping out into the community was accompanied by some trepidation and a general feeling of uncertainty. But, with the beach more or less deserted by the end of October my walks soon helped to regain a certain fitness level and they restored my sense of adventure. On one of my excursions I met up with a Parrsboro native (who ended up to be a distant relative to Colin). Laura and I have become close friends and during the last lock down she was part of our tight bubble of four.

Spencer’s Island Beach

Since arriving in our new community I made a commitment to myself, to walk as often as possible in any weather. I managed to follow my goal throughout the winter and spring. When a new person arrived in Parrsboro a couple of weeks ago, someone I had connected with through FaceBook in January, I supported her as best as I could throughout the two weeks of quarantine. At the end of the two weeks I made arrangements to meet up and show her around.

It was a wet summer Sunday, but who is complaining when we see reports of record breaking heatwaves in the West? I decided to take the road toward Advocate with stops along the way at Fox Point Lookoff (yes, they are called “Lookoff” here, not “Lookout”), Cochrane Road Beach and our first real stop at Spencer’s Island Beach. This beach is one of my favourite walking beaches. We arrived with the tide receding and it was quite chilly due to the wind and rain. But the fresh air on my face always feels great!

Our ultimate destination was Driftwood Beach in Advocate. Isle Haute, my favourite landmark, was shrouded in the mist and the ever-present wind was driving the rain along the beach. It wasn’t “sideways rain”, thank goodness but the chill in the air was reminiscent of the cooler seasons. We took a little time to appreciate the limited view…

Driftwood Beach in Advocate Harbour, NS

…and explore the driftwood dampened by the rain and humidity.

The timing was fortunate. As soon as we returned to the car the rain reached full intensity. I felt we found the best time to venture out. I love the drive to Advocate, rain or shine. There is so much more to see but for a first outing this was a great way to get acclimatized to a new area, especially of one has never been to Nova Scotia before and bought a property via video chat.

Hope you enjoyed this short rainy day excursion.
Enjoy your day! Warm wishes, Anna

3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Excursion

  1. Thank you for taking me with you on your excursions. Although I have never lived in NS I feel so fortunate to “walk” along with you as you explore the area, especially the shoreline and all that it contains. I truly appreciate being able to open my computer and be transported on a journey such as this!

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    1. Roseanna, your kind comment today makes my efforts of sharing so worthwhile. This blog is a labour of love and a way to honour our new surroundings. Sharing my adventures in the form of images and some written musings is a privilege. I am so happy it brings you joy as well. Warm wishes, Anna


  2. What fantastic driftwood sculptures awaited your perceptive eye Anna, and then your camera lens. So fascinating to see nature’s very own water-polished wood-turnings – a wood-turner’s dream I think. My father would have loved to see these as much as he delighted in discovering ‘wood-secrets’ revealed to him in his own wood-turning workshop. As for the strange ‘creature’ with emergent projections resembling nail heads, do you know what it is? What fascinating things you are finding on aptly-named Driftwood Beach, particularly this evocative little beasts, whatever it is, the likes of which I have never seen before. Thank you.

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