A Special Time of the Day

No matter how often I walk the beaches at sunset the light gifts me with spectacular vistas. While I adore the landscape as a whole…

…I also watch for details like these illuminated plants!

Just moments earlier they were ordinary, not worth spending much time to look at. the moment the sun positioned itself at just the right angle the rose hips were so bright that it appeared as if someone had flicked a switch and each fruit transformed into a beacon of red. At the same time the beach pea plants across all stages of development, from flower to pea pod, glowed as if spot lights were positioned perfectly to highlight their strongest features.

This large driftwood specimen appeared bathed in gold with the sun at the perfect angle near the horizon!

I cannot recall how often I have walked past this ancient log and only seen the weathered grey wood. The setting sun made all the difference at that moment, as fleeting as it was.

Looking toward East Bay the salt marsh was slowly filling up with the change of the tide. The textures and reflections drew my attention and demanded to be captured.

Distant squeals from young children as they ran in and out of the cool water on Ottawa House Beach, the rocky beach against the water looking toward Partridge Island and Cape Split against the golden horizon… I cannot decide what drew me in and held my attention more!

The sun slipped below the horizon quickly, another day came to an end but I feel fortunate that I witnessed the last light.

Thank you for dropping by today. May these magical sunset moments help you navigate the day. Happy Wednesday, Anna

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