Integrating into the Community…

…over the last year has not been that difficult. The opportunities are everywhere.

One event I can easily put my support behind is the Ottawa-House-by-the-Sea Christmas Tea and Bake Sale. The museum is officially open till the end of September, archives open by appointment year-round. We are members of Ottawa House and attend the weekly story time regularly. We have learned a fair bit about the local community, the location were our house is and what was here before. We love meeting the old-timers, many who have moved back to the village to retire after successful careers.

When I saw the poster announcing the Christmas in September event I offered to contribute. It was a bit of an adventure trying to work efficiently in my new-to-me kitchen. Much to my chagrin I discovered that while packing for the move a year ago I gave away most of my baking tools, especially the cookie cutters. What was I thinking? In the end I managed to meet my goal and I have since started to replace some missing items. The next baking excursion will be a little less stressful. 😉

I managed to combine butter, sugar, flour, nuts, ground almonds, eggs, vanilla essence, cinnamon, cloves, some locally produced raspberry and black currant jellies and icing sugar to bake up nearly 5 kg of assorted German Christmas cookies. I dropped off 16 trays (each weighing a little over 300 g) as well as a Cranberry-Hazelnut Torte yesterday afternoon. I did not price the cookies and the torte was designated for the tea event.

When we arrived for tea today at 2:30 pm (tea was scheduled from 2 – 4 pm) there was only one piece of the torte left and the cookie trays had sold out for $ 10 per tray. I never dreamed they would fetch such a steep price. I was hoping they would be popular for $ 5/tray… I underestimated the market!

Hopefully our contribution will help with next year’s programs. It was wonderful to see how much the community appreciates events like the one today.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Best wishes for a fabulous week, Anna

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