The Wispy Line in the Sky

This wispy-line-cloud, as I called it, fascinated me and I kept watching it on my drive to Partridge Island Beach a few nights ago. It looked as if it spanned all across the village and reached far beyond. I was hoping I would not dissolve too quickly and that I could make an image or two of its simple shape.

When I turned into the parking lot this same cirrus cloud appeared dwarfed over the vast open waters and even when I captured it with the tip of Partridge Island and distant Blomidon Provincial Park, as a way to introduce scale, it was visually diminished..

This view always invokes a feeling of peace for me. It has a tremendous calming effect and when I have not had my extended daily walk near water I deeply yearn for it, especially after long days spent indoors on one repetitive task.

I have spent a great deal of time in the kitchen lately. I had offered to contribute some baking to the upcoming Ottawa-House-by-the-Sea bake sale and Christmas in September Tea (membership in this historic landmark has its privileges and obligations) . But besides baking an assortment of Christmas Cookies and a Cranberry Torte for the event I also needed to process the large quantity of apples we harvested last week.

To provide balance to my increased exposure to domestic tasks I attempt to make time to breathe in the salty air as often as possible even if it is only for 15 minutes. And my camera is never far: The view toward Parrsboro from the front porch of Ottawa House can’t be beat, especially near sunset.

Enjoy the view and your Saturday. Best wishes, Anna

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