It’s A Fabulous Day…

…when I can manage two beach walks in one day!

On Saturday afternoon I dropped off the baking at Ottawa House for the Bake Sale and my friend Laura and I carried on toward Partridge Island Beach. We made our way across the salt marsh and enjoyed the warm breeze along East Bay.

Fall has definitely arrived. The images include mauve flowers and ripe rosehips, a sure sign that the days are getting shorter.

With renewed energy and on my way home I made the decision that it was time for another beach excursion despite the level of the tide. I returned home and with the pups in tow we drove down shore to Spencer’s Island Beach. The drive is beautiful and many people call it the Mini Cabot Trail! Spencer’s Island is one of my favourite beaches, perhaps this is because it was the first beach we visited after we completed quarantine last October and started exploring the area… I do not know but I just love walking close to the waves and watching the light change on the lighthouse.

Reviewing these pictures and memories from only two days ago starts my week off on a very positive note. May your week be filled with positivity and colour!

Best wishes, Anna

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