On a Glorious Morning…

… in early November I delight in the view from my kitchen window while getting the coffee prepared I tote along to my studio space. This mature oak tree has accompanied my morning routine for nearly ten months now and I cannot get enough about the way the tree has changed during that time.

These days I detect minute changes every morning. Today the sun was moving at the perfect angle to illuminate the way the colours change from golden with just a hint of green to a deep brown which announces their imminent departure from the branch the leaves are attached to. All we need is a strong gust of wind…

I have witnessed the changes in the cluster of Japanese Knotweed throughout the year as well. As I passed this morning the sun was reflecting brightly off the pond’s surface sending sparkles up and through the moving stems of the plants. Despite its invasive nature and the fact that it spreads without constraints, I find inspiration every time I pass this cluster. The thought of diamonds sparkling beyond the grove made me stop to capture these images.

I soon arrived at my destination, ArtLab Studios and Gallery, to begin my day immersing myself in creative endeavours. This is the view from my studio space this morning.

May your day start with sunshine and warmth! Best wishes, Anna

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