Patches of Light…

…as discovered during yesterday’s short stop at the Sugar Bush in Fenwick. The trees were devoid of leaves in sharp contrast to my last walk through this magical maple forest. But, as long as the sun shines there are wonderful discoveries to be made even during the latter part of November. I encourage you to click on each of the small images in the picture gallery above and observe and discover for yourself how the edges of dried up leaves can reflect their outline, and how a single spot of red shines like a beacon in the monochromatic mess of dried leaves covering the ground provides a spot for the eye to focus.

The puddles were frozen and a thick layer of ice kept the leaves suspended in time. I have always had an affinity for frozen puddles and the natural compositions they provide for deep contemplation.

It’s steadily raining here today, a true late fall day. The perfect time to just gaze at photos, hunker down in the studio and turn inward. Enjoy your day! Stay safe and warm wherever you are, Anna

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