First Snow…

There were several weather warnings in effect the day before yesterday. We had an unexpected trip to Halifax for medical reasons and decided to get a hotel in the city but not without concern about leaving our home back in Parrsboro. The predictions for wind damage and flooding were dire… but once again it turned out that our worries were not necessary. The weather made its way toward Antigonish and Cape Breton where damage was severe, unfortunately. My thoughts go to friends and acquaintances as they navigate their lives through the damages.

We arrived home last night finding our home a little chilly but no issues other than two Christmas decorations that had fallen to the ground. Relieved and tired we settled back into our routine.

We woke up to light snowfall and a special weather advisory for 2 – 5 cm. After 40 years of blizzards while living on the Canadian Prairies I feel completely relaxed as I watch the snowflakes accumulate outside our living room window. I snapped a few pictures during my morning walk with the pups. So peaceful! So relaxing and it is setting the mood for the Lighting of the Town on Friday. Looking forward to the event…

Enjoy your day! Stay warm and stay safe, everybody! Best wishes, Anna

One thought on “First Snow…

  1. I love the snow, it makes everything so pure and quiet. When it is windy I watch it falling from inside, and when there is no wind, I love to walk in the falling snow. If it is dry snow the world is so quiet while it squeaks under my boots.

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