More Sights to Explore at Low Tide

I have not posted about the Parrsboro Golf Club before. It’s high time to point out that this nine hole course is considered challenging and one of the most scenic courses in Canada. It is located on Two Islands Road approximately 3 km from the centre of town. I shall be back for more imagesContinue reading “More Sights to Explore at Low Tide”

Happy First Anniversary to NSWalks Parrsboro!

Only one year ago I initiated a brand-new programme for our little Nova Scotia town. Parrsboro joined the NSWalks communities. Today we celebrated in style! We kicked off a new early morning walking programme with Chris as the leader in addition to the 10 am programme I lead. The Cliffs of Fundy Geopark Office wasContinue reading “Happy First Anniversary to NSWalks Parrsboro!”

Snowshoeing 101: Hitting the Trail

I left off with this image yesterday. Today I want to cover just a few basics to help you feel more confident once boots and snowshoes are securely fastened to your feet. If this is your first time on snowshoes look for fairly flat terrain. With your trekking poles for balancing support try and slowlyContinue reading “Snowshoeing 101: Hitting the Trail”

Reflections on a Grey Day

Yesterday morning’s snow had nearly melted by mid- afternoon. I donned my rubber boots for a walk about town and captured the inner harbour bathed in diffused light and natural grey scale any artist would love to explore. The circular slushy tracks caught my attention for their pattern and texture. I do look forward toContinue reading “Reflections on a Grey Day”


…post sunrise. The view was spectacular once again this morning. Vapours rising from the Farrells River as it flows toward the Bay of Fundy, peaceful and mesmerizing! Happy Thursday, everyone! Best wishes, Anna

Which Hike Today?

After 19 months of sharing walk and hiking destinations in the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark area on this site, I took some time over the past week and revisited each post… there are close to 600 already. I am very excited to share with you the release of a new page on this website. DrumrollContinue reading “Which Hike Today?”

Wasson’s Bluff Two Islands Beach

It was lightly snowing in Parrsboro today but I had to scout a beach for a hike scheduled for Wednesday. Risk Assessment and hazard reduction/elimination is first and foremost on a field leader’s mind when planning a group hike. The approach to this beach can be difficult with washed out sections but today it passedContinue reading “Wasson’s Bluff Two Islands Beach”

A White Christmas After All!

The snow began around midnight and this morning the world was transformed. At the bottom of the backyard Canada Geese are gently conversing with the ducks, floating on the river while Ash and Teak chase each other. Wishing everyone a peaceful Christmas Day. May you spend it with family and friends, or celebrate it theContinue reading “A White Christmas After All!”

Wet Weather…

It was wet and gloomy outside today. After a rainy walk in the morning it was time for some indoor catch up… First up: shaping and finishing up the rum balls. They are getting two thumbs up from the chief taster in the house. They should be good, I used a lot of dark rumContinue reading “Wet Weather…”

Things to do on a Chilly Sunday Afternoon

Parrsboro Creative recently advertised an introductory memoir writing workshop with visiting author in residence, Fran Zell. I am part of a weekly writing group and was intrigued by the challenge. As a member of Parrsboro Creative the workshop was free. Following the two Saturday sessions we participated in a literary reading which really meant: sharingContinue reading “Things to do on a Chilly Sunday Afternoon”

Visitor on a Snowy Day

The weather turned over night… and we were greeted by fluffy white stuff, otherwise known as snow, covering the yard. Imagine our delight when we had an unexpected visitor stop by at the bottom of our property during low tide! The bald eagle has never graced us with his presence this close. It certainly putContinue reading “Visitor on a Snowy Day”

Santa Came to Town…

The neighbourhood was all decked out tonight! Main Street was teeming with excited children respectfully staying on the sidewalks… …until finally the floats moved past! It was much warmer this year but my personal take away from tonight is that the excitement last year was more intense after missing a year due to Covid. It’sContinue reading “Santa Came to Town…”

And just like that there is snow!

Yesterday’s wind was fierce and when we opened our eyes this morning there was snow! The sun is well above 0C now and the white stuff has nearly melted. I love these brief seasonal foreshadowing events. This snow cover won’t last long but it reminds us of what is to come. Happy Saturday! Best wishes,Continue reading “And just like that there is snow!”

A Touch of Magic…

…as the village begins to transform. Each day more Christmas decorations are appearing best viewed and appreciated after dark! These images were captured on our way home from choir tonight. All we need is snow!😜 The Christmas spirit is beginning to stir especially after two hours of Carol rehearsal for the upcoming concert. Good night,Continue reading “A Touch of Magic…”