Santa Came to Town…

The neighbourhood was all decked out tonight! Main Street was teeming with excited children respectfully staying on the sidewalks… …until finally the floats moved past! It was much warmer this year but my personal take away from tonight is that the excitement last year was more intense after missing a year due to Covid. It’sContinue reading “Santa Came to Town…”

And just like that there is snow!

Yesterday’s wind was fierce and when we opened our eyes this morning there was snow! The sun is well above 0C now and the white stuff has nearly melted. I love these brief seasonal foreshadowing events. This snow cover won’t last long but it reminds us of what is to come. Happy Saturday! Best wishes,Continue reading “And just like that there is snow!”

A Touch of Magic…

…as the village begins to transform. Each day more Christmas decorations are appearing best viewed and appreciated after dark! These images were captured on our way home from choir tonight. All we need is snow!😜 The Christmas spirit is beginning to stir especially after two hours of Carol rehearsal for the upcoming concert. Good night,Continue reading “A Touch of Magic…”

Delighting in Small Things

When a pinched nerve prevents regular beach hikes or even a simple walk through town one must delight in beauty close to home. The last two weeks have been a challenge… starting tomorrow I will have to get some help with this issue😊. Enjoy my backyard view with me. Happy Sunday, Anna

Cape Sharpe Lighthouse

My friend Adrienne and I had planned this short hike a while ago. Our schedules lined up for this morning and it promptly started to rain at the agree pickup time. We persevered and by the time we arrived at the trailhead the rain had stopped. The rugged hiking trail is steep and I hadContinue reading “Cape Sharpe Lighthouse”

Quick Check In

Power was restored for most homes in Parrsboro late last night. We were so surprised and extremely grateful to the Nova Scotia Power restoration teams. Power means that freezers will keep the food supply safe for now. Cell service is still quite spotty for us. I drove down to the pier to update this blog.Continue reading “Quick Check In”

And suddenly it is autumn…

I know, I know… there are still a few days of summer left according to the calendar and yet, the light has definitely changed. Sunsets tend to bathe the forest across the river in rich gold tones and burgundies push greens from creeping vines. The apples are ripening and the days are much shorter. AllContinue reading “And suddenly it is autumn…”

When feeling under the weather… hike along the beach!

The day started a bit slow for me. But instead of sitting on the couch knitting the urge struck to get out, explore a beach and breathe in salty air! My first destination choice is always Clarke Head. I messaged my friend to see if she would be interested and it was great to hearContinue reading “When feeling under the weather… hike along the beach!”

Island in the Mist…

The goal was to get up early to time our circumnavigation of Partridge Island just so. The end result was that neither Adrienne nor I are into holding on to ropes while slithering over seaweed covered rocks. We walked to the rock outcropping from each side instead (and called it “goal accomplished) while experiencing someContinue reading “Island in the Mist…”

Heat Wave

We are enjoying a hot summer here in the Bay of Fundy. Hot days usually start with a misty morning, the fog horn sounding from the Parrsboro lighthouse and feeling like I need another shower after walking my dogs. As the day progresses the fog lifts and the promise of finding relief from the heatContinue reading “Heat Wave”

It’s Summer… It’s Lake Time!

Leake Lake is a hidden gem located just outside the Parrsboro town limits close to the Sunshine Inn Cottages. It’s a recent addition on the Fundy GeoPark destination map, a place I had not previously explored. With family visiting it was the perfect place to check out and cool down in during a hot afternoon!Continue reading “It’s Summer… It’s Lake Time!”

Evening Walk as the Fog Rolls in…

There is something contemplative about walking in the mist. Last night it became apparent that the weather was about to change. With the change of the tide mist began to rise off the Bay of Fundy waters in the Minas Basin. Cape Blomidon was quickly shrouded in fog, Cape Split was already invisible as wasContinue reading “Evening Walk as the Fog Rolls in…”

Just had to do it again!

…walking around Two Islands, that is! A small group got together this morning and crossed over to the Big Island. This time we walked counter-clockwise. I tried to weigh one route against the other and they measure up equally. I was glad I had made the treck just a couple of days ago as IContinue reading “Just had to do it again!”

Circumnavigating Two Islands

Today has been momentous: I joined a hiking friend in a walk around the Two Islands and it was amazing. I have always been fascinated by these basalt giants but after actually crossing the knee-high water at low tide toward Big Brother I have a whole new appreciation for these geological formations. The rocky beachContinue reading “Circumnavigating Two Islands”

Sharing the Experience!

As newcomers to the Parrsboro Shore you know that you belong once you have experienced the “Meeting of the Waters” at Two Islands around the full moon. Another new member to the community reached out last week to find out more about hiking and exploring the beaches. I decided to share the ultimate experience withContinue reading “Sharing the Experience!”

Lighthouse Beach in Parrsboro

It’s a glorious summer day here in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. Time for a short excursion close to home. I decided to get out to the lighthouse as the tide was going out. I have been here once before. That experience was vastly different… it was early January and the wind was howling. Today’s excursion wasContinue reading “Lighthouse Beach in Parrsboro”