Study of Contrasts

Saturday morning, December 4th… the sun brightly shining in a brilliant blue sky I was struck by the contrast presented by Mother Nature: There were still apples hanging on the tree across the street from where I was walking, two small maple leaves had emerged from the tip of a branch while at the same time brown maple leaves were frozen in time in an icy puddle. I cannot remember observing such occurrences in nature before. Is it climate change? Or is this normal for the microclimate we live in, here in Parrsboro? Thoughts to ponder and investigate further…

Happy Monday, everyone! May your week be filled with joy and quiet anticipation for the season, Anna

2 thoughts on “Study of Contrasts

  1. There’s such a contrast from the prairies to the Fundy shores. I’m noticing the amazing green still evident, and wondering about the natural elements around me. The tidal fluctuations and the quality of light are at the top of “I’m Noticing List”.
    I’m so enjoying your daily posts.

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