A Quiet Day…

Go with the flow, slow down a little, they say… Nothing helps me slow down more than a winter storm. We have lived in Nova Scotia for 15 months and January 8th, 2022 was the first “real” winter storm” we have experienced.

When we moved here our friends out west all warned us about “the weather”… there would be big storms, they said… “Do you know what you are doing? Are you aware of the huge amounts of snow they get out there? And what about hurricanes?” We were not worried at all. We had made our home in Calgary for 27 years, followed by 13 years in rural Saskatchewan – we were ready for a little snow. We knew snow, and we knew wind and so far those experiences have us well prepared for the weather in Nova Scotia.

I do feel that Parrsboro is uniquely situated in the province. Our friends in Moncton seem to get much more snow than we do. When we watch the radar we regularly observe that the moisture-laden clouds get pushed across our location and release their cargo in the Moncton area.

It’s Sunday and rain is in the forecast… but for now, I enjoy the white blanket of snow that covers the town, slowing down life and making social distancing more natural.

Happy Sunday! Curl up by the fire with a good book and another cuppa. Enjoy and recharge, Anna

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