Colour Burst

I wasn’t going to share this image here because I already posted this amazing sunset capture on my Instagram and FaceBook accounts. However, I realize not everyone uses social media. When a personal request to repost my image on a local community FaceBook bulletin board arrived a little while ago I decided to share the image here as well.

We were on our way home after two long days in Halifax for medical appointments yesterday. As we turned off the highway at Masstown the golden sun was nearing the horizon illuminating the exposed wet and icy ocean floor of the Bay of Fundy making it sparkle and reflect, a sight to be seen!

Within seconds of the sun slipping below the horizon the sky began to exhibit fuchsia and pink patches and suddenly, without fanfare, the sky exploded with reds, oranges, pinks and golds appearing even more magical with the colours reflecting off the Bay of Fundy at low tide.

Another storm is approaching… carrying this image with me in my memory bank will get us through strong winds and massive amounts of snow. Happy Friday, Anna

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