Storm Stayed…

Yes, it’s the weekend and after a reprieve from snow and wind last weekend we make up for it this time. It’s the third weather system in Atlantic Canada this January and the snow is being driven sideways.

We were warned about the “weather bomb” earlier in the week and I was so grateful that the medical appointments in Halifax were accompanied by good weather.

Anticipating the snow and strong wind I made a point to get in a short walk at First Beach yesterday afternoon. The tide was slowly moving in but the walk was just what I needed.

Snow was already falling …

…but it meant some quiet time.

Without distractions I make the best discoveries!

From Zen Aesthetic subject matter…

…to the sentient being perched on the stranded ice floe I nearly missed due to its camouflage colours, this short outing was definitely worth it!

Wishing you all a wonderful day! Stay warm, stay safe and let nature dictate how the day plays out. Best wishes, Anna

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