Highland Cattle Snowshoe Excursion…

…as part of the Fundy Shore Winter Carnival.

The Fundy Shore Winter Carnival kicked off last Thursday. The event I was most interested in was the tour jointly organized by the Fundy GeoPark and Fundy Geological Museum. It was advertised as the Highland Tour exploring the area surrounding That Dutchman Cheese Farm in Economy.

All day I was wondering if the tour would take place as rain was threatening and strong winds dominated the weather forecast. But, 4 pm arrived and after a brief shopping excursion around the Cheese Shop, Caleb and Regan welcomed our group of 15 participants.

The hike took us through the animal park of the working farm. During the warmer seasons there are not only the ducks to observe but donkeys, potbelly pigs, goats and sheep roam the spacious enclosures.

Our ultimate destination was the Highland Cattle pasture. No promises were made that we would be seeing them as they are quite reclusive.

Shortly after Regan provided a physical demonstration on how tectonic plates collided to form the Cobequid Highlands as part of the Appalachian Mountain Range and these were once connected to the Scottish Highlands, we descended a steep hill covered in ice. We were glad to be on snowshoes!

Our reward at the bottom of the hill was a sighting of the Highland Cattle. At first I cursed myself for not bringing my digital camera with zoom lens, then I decided to test my iPhone. I was not disappointed. The bull stayed safely hidden in the trees but the cow slowly ventured out into the open and I was able to capture some great portraits of her.

We lingered until she turned her back and dismissed us. We arrived at the parking lot around sunset getting rewarded with one last reflection over the melting ice…

Thank you to the Fundy GeoPark and Fundy Geological Museum for this informative free tour.

Hope you enjoyed a short summary of the two hour event. Wishing you all a fantastic Sunday, Anna

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