Return to Soley’s Cove Beach…: Ultimate Destination – Redhead Formation

My heart always beats a little faster when we drive past this beach in Economy. I visited and hiked this beach three times last year. When an invitation to join the List Soles hiking group on this excursion was extended I could not resist.

Words cannot describe this amazing day!! Pictures really do speak a thousand words.

The hike was 15 km return. Walking the pups in the morning and leading my Wednesday Walking group through town made for a 25 km day… but it was worth it!

Around every outcropping another amazing sight presented itself.

I will leave you with best wishes for a wonderful Easter weekend, Anna

4 thoughts on “Return to Soley’s Cove Beach…: Ultimate Destination – Redhead Formation

  1. Truly …. so appreciative to be on your list! The clouds and sky, colours, geography, your photos, they are all so wonderful! Thank You for sharing your part of the world with me. Happy Easter!

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  2. What an interesting landscape/seascape. Every photo showed a different rock formation. Thank you for sharing this beautiful part of your world. Happy Easter to you & Colin

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