Exploring The Joggins Fossil Cliffs Beach

It was a blue sky kind-of-day when we left Parrsboro on Sunday noon. The closer we got to our destination the more clouds shrouded the sky. Grey sky is not something that deters me easily and as we arrived at the parking lot next to the Joggings Cliffs Centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, I realized that we would have the beach to ourselves! Love it when that happens!

This wasn’t my first Joggins beach exploration but it was the first time I experienced it at low tide. The waters of the Bay of Fundy were just about at the turning point and 90 minutes later when we were departing much of the sandy beach stretch I was about to walk on it was slowly being reclaimed by rushing water. It doesn’t take long for the scenery to change here!

Each side of the access staircase has unique geological features and the colours vary greatly! Images above this paragraph are from the left side of the stairs, all captures below were made when I turned right.

The wind was picking up but I was determined to look for the fossilized trees in the cliffs. I’ll burst your bubble of anticipation: I never found those trees… next time. What I discovered instead was a beach that warrants further exploration in the near future.

By the time I reached this impressive cliff face the wind was so strong I could no longer keep my phone straight, and climbing the rocks to see what was beyond turned into a short peek and back I went to the sandy, more sheltered area which was brimming with interesting offerings.

Heading back yo the car I silently marvelled at the rugged and ancient landscape that holds so many secrets yet to discover.

Wishing you all a fabulous Tuesday, Anna

PS: Why do I call it THE Joggings? That’s what the locals in the area call it. Might as well follow their lead… makes us stick out less as “come-by-choicers”😜

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