The Dutchman Dairy Exotic Animal Farm in Economy, NS

One destination left to fully explore in our area has been the Dutchman Dairy Animal Enclosure. I snowshoed through parts of it last March and knew then that I would bring the grandchildren when they come for a visit. We made it there last Wednesday. Admission per person is $4.25+tax. Children receive two small bagsContinue reading “The Dutchman Dairy Exotic Animal Farm in Economy, NS”

When the Fog Lifted…

After a day of regrouping and dealing with a quiet house I made time for a Beachwalk. First and Second Beaches were shrouded in most, the fog horn sending its piercing sound across the water. As we rounded the point the fog had lifted and revealed some stunning colours. It was time to fully exhaleContinue reading “When the Fog Lifted…”

In and around the Dingle in Halifax

This historical landmark in Halifax has been on my tourist agenda for a while. Enjoy! The rain held off which enabled us to take in the park and it’s views as well. The walk along the water was particularly inviting with these great leading lines! I look forward to returning here when the sun shinesContinue reading “In and around the Dingle in Halifax”

Exploring The Joggins Fossil Cliffs Beach

It was a blue sky kind-of-day when we left Parrsboro on Sunday noon. The closer we got to our destination the more clouds shrouded the sky. Grey sky is not something that deters me easily and as we arrived at the parking lot next to the Joggings Cliffs Centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, IContinue reading “Exploring The Joggins Fossil Cliffs Beach”

Other-Wordly Continued…

Thanks for coming back to find out more about my discovery after I moved to the “dark side” of Clarke Head. Another world opened up, one of wonder and awe! I felt drawn to move on and round the next rock formation… Soon I realized that this area connects me directly to Wasson’s Bluff! ThisContinue reading “Other-Wordly Continued…”

Puddle Exploration

On a chilly day long walks are usually not by choice. I made a quick trip to take a letter to the post office yesterday and it was C-O-L-D. And then I stumbled across this puddle. Talk about going down the rabbit hole… till my hands were so cold I could no longer hold onContinue reading “Puddle Exploration”