Sharing Bay of Fundy Riches: Diligent River

There is no better way to spend the May long weekend Sunday sharing some prime spots along the Minas Basin in the Bay of Fundy. Straight across from Cape Split is Diligent River with a beach that is hidden away and not that obvious to visitors. Our small group arrived in the heat of the day.

The first time I set foot on this stretch of beach the rock formations were shrouded in fog. In the brilliant sunshine everything looks different again. It was 28C and we dove in and out of the shade while sipping water to stay hydrated. we made it all the way to the mouth of the Ramshead River where we longingly looked at the algae covered rocks on the adjacent beach.

I’ll leave you all with this most interesting rock we located toward the end of the excursion. The verdict is out as to what it may be.

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday. May sunshine brighten your day, Anna

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