Sometimes you just have to escape to the beach…

My new snowshoes arrived yesterday and I was keen to try them. My scheduled hike was poorly attended but my friend decided to tag along and try snowshoeing for the first time. Fran did amazingly well! The snow wasn’t very deep but I detected ice in regular intervals. We opted for leaving the snowshoes onContinue reading “Sometimes you just have to escape to the beach…”

Sharing Bay of Fundy Riches: Diligent River

There is no better way to spend the May long weekend Sunday sharing some prime spots along the Minas Basin in the Bay of Fundy. Straight across from Cape Split is Diligent River with a beach that is hidden away and not that obvious to visitors. Our small group arrived in the heat of theContinue reading “Sharing Bay of Fundy Riches: Diligent River”

Just before Sunset…

…the beach at Diligent River never disappoints. The light was magical with and the Minas Basin calm, a perfect setting for a small pre-Christmas get-together with friends. Happy Sundaay, everyone. Best wishes, Anna

Awe-inspiring Landscape

…Photo essay covering a recent beach walk located between West Beach and Diligent River. “