Charting New Territory

I am always up for an adventure and exploring areas I have not visited before. I was invited to join friends and their German visitors to explore the other side of Partridge Island. This has been on my bucket list ever since I enjoyed the view from the look off from the top. As with anything: looking up from the sea stack admired from afar was so different and well worth the slippery scramble across seaweed covered rocks recently exposed by the receding tide.

I approached from the East Bay beach side. I even stopped and took a couple of images of the beach flowers…

Taking it slow across the slippery basalt rocks past the weir was the key. We were soon welcomed by stunning views toward Cape Spear and Cape Split.

But best of all was the scenery on hand! Rugged sea stacks and rock deposits made for some wonderful rock hounding.

It’s a place where not many will venture making it even more special and worthwhile.

I could have spent hours just sitting and appreciating the hidden cove… But, keeping an eye on the tide is imperative. We turned around in good time to avoid unexpected water. The weir was emptied of the last fish harvest and ready to receive new bounty with the incoming tide.

Time to head home for my first coffee of the day! Hope you are enjoying a second cup as you are scrolling through today’s offering. Saturday blessings to all, Anna

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